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About the Jill Penman Group

The Jill Penman Group is a new, unexpected take on real estate, one that is centered on the customer and their lifestyle. It was conceived from the clients’ point of view. We ask, “what does a client need to feel comfortable in a home and a community, what kind of lifestyle does he want to live?” — and showcases the properties that not only match their financials and needs, but also suit their lifestyle. For our sellers, we present their properties to the marketplace in the same way.

We have analyzed the broader market, its facts and financials first, and then, at a deeper level, through the lens of lifestyle matching. We recognize that it is not only the neighborhood, but the qualities of individual homes within the context of that location, that truly define lifestyle.

Clients, not properties, lie at the center of the Jill Penman Group. The group was formed to bring a focused team of professionals together at a scale larger than the individual agent for efficiency and client service, but still small enough that each client is handled with personalized focus and care. Our philosophy is that bigger is not better, better is better. We focus on the results that matter most to our clients. For buyers, it’s finding the perfect home quickly, within budget while matching lifestyle needs. For sellers, it’s shortest time on market and least percentage of change between the list vs. sold  price. We are not in the volume game. Our total annual sales and number of transactions do not matter to our individual clients, and therefore it is not what defines us. Our Team is responsive, responsible, professional, efficient, and approaches each step of the process with integrity and transparency. We are experienced and tough negotiators,  achieving the best possible deals for both buyers and sellers.

The Jill Penman Group is not just another boutique agency, it is an agent for change.

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