We’re fast approaching the November 5th vote on the “Grove Harbour” project which is a complex of restaurants, retail space, garage and more on publicly owned bayfront land in Coconut Grove. The proposed complex was unanimously approved by the Miami City Commission for the execution of a 80 year lease agreement with the developers, Grove Bay Investment Group.

Grove Bay’s proposal was the only proposal under consideration by the City because the only other proposal, submitted in response to the RFP for the redevelopment of Scotty’s Landing and Grove Key Marina was withdrawn.

The plans released by Grove Bay Investment Group include the removal of Coconut Grove landmarks like Scotty’s Landing and Chart House which is on the same 1.34-acre property at 3385 Pan American Drive. Scotty’s Landing in Grove Key marina is soon to be closed after months of back-and-forth about whether or not it would stay or go.

Scotty’s name has been sold to the Grove Bay developers and the owner of Scotty’s Landing restaurant, Scott Wessel, has endorsed the site of the proposed “New Scotty’s Landing”.

Many Coconut Grove locals are not in favor of the development and encourage a NO Vote on November 5th. One reason locals are not in favor of this project is because it has nothing to do with its surroundings. The land in question is potentially one of the last great open waterfront locations in Coconut Grove.

The square footage for the proposed commercial and restaurant spaces adds up to 83,200 square feet of development, without the garage and other spaces that ties it all together. The plan also calls for event space and a banyan-tree park in what would be called The Harbour.

Grove residents enjoy a quality of life based on waterfront living. What do you think about the waterfront development plans? Be sure to leave a comment below..